Florida Inclusion Network Resources

The Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) collaborates with DeSoto, Glades, Hendry, and Highlands district staff and school administrations to provide customized services and supports ensuring all students with disabilities have the same educational, social, and future opportunities as their peers.

In partnership with these districts, FIN facilitates the implementation of inclusive best practices through:

  • Data-driven, student-focused planning and problem-solving across districts and schools;
  • Data-driven professional development and technical assistance to increase knowledge and skills of district and school personnel;
  • Coaching and resources for district and school personnel to sustain inclusive best practices;
  • Sharing information to build collaborative relationships between families, schools, and districts.

FIN can also provide families with a variety of information and resources.  Family concerns and needs are always carefully considered as part of FIN’s planning and problem-solving with districts and/or schools.  While FIN facilitators do not attend IEP meetings, they can provide information about effective inclusive practices, family-school collaboration and communication, opportunities for networking with other families, and ways to access local resources and support.

For information regarding your child’s educational program or Individual Education Plan (IEP), please contact your child’s teacher or school administrator.

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FIN Documents

Start the Year Off Right
First page of the PDF file: StarttheYearOffRight
Communication Tips - English
First page of the PDF file: Communication-Tips
Building Inclusive Schools
First page of the PDF file: FIN-Building-Inclusive-Schools
Communication Tips - Spanish
First page of the PDF file: Communication-Tips-Spanish
What is Inclusion?
First page of the PDF file: FIN-What-is-Inclusion
Florida's Inclusion Story
First page of the PDF file: Floridas-Inclusion-Story
FIN Services
First page of the PDF file: FIN-Services